Who Am I?:

I am Melissa, and I believe in beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and mediums. I believe that art is one of the best ways to showcase beauty and honor your passion – whether it’s a sports team, your family, your pet, a lakeside cabin scene or just a swash of color on a canvas. I believe that art has the power to heal, inspire, motivate, bring peace and brighten the room, heart & soul of both the creator and the receiver. So why do I choose to create art? Because it is what MOVES me. It’s my heart & soul. There is no better feeling than moving your own spirit – and in turn, blessing the spirit of another with your own gift. That is why I create art, and that is why I will never ever stop.

My Background: 

I am an administrative assistant in the Chicago suburbs by day – putting my left-brained, super organizational skills & typing speed to good use. By night, I’m home, drawing, painting, designing tattoos for myself & others, running a fitness business and living life by my own design.

I am a self-taught artist, and I have been “working on my craft” since my days in elementary school. The extent of my art training has been your basic cut-and-glue-construction-paper art classes as a child. That sparked the interest, and I continued to grow my skill on my own – through trial & error. To this day, I still prefer to learn new techniques by picking up a material and experimenting. After all, you can read all the books in the world, but if you never put the pencil to paper, you’ll never develop the skill.

My Work: 

I am best known for my sports art – specifically hockey and baseball portraits – but if it moves you & speaks to you, I will gladly take on the project. From your favorite athlete to your beachfront vacation home, if you want it recreated as a one-of-a-kind, hand-made art piece, I can make it happen. Art pieces not only preserve memories and tell stories, but they do it in a way that even the best photograph cannot – they make it unique, individual and personal. No two original art pieces, no matter how similar, are ever exactly alike. Every stroke, every smudge and every blended edge is completely unique.

Today, my work hangs in the homes of friends & family as well as professional athletes, musicians and businesses around the country. Art is my true passion, and it has led me to make connections and have experiences I never thought possible. I live to create custom, unique pieces for those who want something different, something personal and something that speaks to their heart.

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