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Anthony Rizzo Portrait Day 2

Anthony Rizzo: A Portrait from Start to Finish – Part 2! Ready for part 2?  Good.  I was hoping you were.  And if you’re not…well, too bad, you’re getting it anyway!  Ha.  The other day I posted my “day 1” (which was actually like…a day and a half-ish) progress of my Anthony Rizzo colored pencil […]

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15 Ways to be More Creative

How to Boost Your Creativity: Even if you “aren’t creative.” I hear it all the time: “Oh, you’re so creative. You’re so talented. I wish I could ____ like you!  I’m just not creative.”  Anytime I hear someone tell me they’re “not creative,” I want to SHAKE THEM and make them realize that they’re WRONG! […]

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