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Holiday Gift Ordering – Open Now!

Special Announcement – Holiday Gift Ordering is LIVE!

It’s that time of year again! Believe it or not, the holidays are coming, and gift giving season is right around the corner. I know we just blew through Labor Day, but as is the custom…it’s time to open up my time for GIFT ORDERS!  So starting right now – yes, this very second – my inbox is WIDE OPEN.  I am ready and willing to create anything you could possibly imagine (well, within reason of course) for your gift giving needs.  Because look, here’s the deal.

1) I REALLY LOVE creating artwork and seeing it given as a gift.

2) Artwork takes time to create, so to give it as a Christmas, holiday, birthday, whatever gift – I need to get your stuff going ASAP.

3) …I’M GETTING MARRIED. Which is still really weird to say, and really freakin’ exciting, but y’all…weddings are expensive.  And I want to be able to pay for every part that I can.  I don’t expect handouts, and I want to WORK to be able to plan the party I’ve always wanted.  So please, BOOK ME UP SOLID and let me create for you!

My space may be wide open right now, but it is very limited.  Fair warning.  Planning a wedding, working full time and just, you know, living – they all take up time.  So if you are even THINKING about giving a gift, let’s talk.  No pressure, no deposits, let’s just discuss it.  If you decide you want to do it, then we get down to the business part, but seriously…if you’re considering art as a gift for someone between now and the end of 2017, let’s chat.  Art is a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever you give a gift for, really.

For holiday gift orders, all standard order placing guidelines apply (see my information page or read the FAQ for details) and all order slots are first come, first served.  Once I’m full, I’M FULL.  And as the holidays get closer, keep in mind that what you want may not be possible to create on a short deadline, so get in touch now!

And as an added bonus, I will be releasing various discount codes for my online shop – with extra special ones just for my VIP members.  So if custom isn’t what you want, we can still ROCK your holidays.

Thank you all again for the well wishes and kind words lately – a girl sure loves that sort of thing at a time like this 🙂  I promise to share with you all of the really awesome stuff I have planned for my wedding.  I mean, you didn’t think an artist WOULDN’T use her talents in such an event, did you?! 🙂


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