Miscellaneous Projects

If you would like to have a different or unique piece created – for example a tattoo design, a concept for a mural, or additional special request – please contact me directly.  These projects do not have a pricing scale as each one varies in time, size and materials needed.  Each design is customized to your needs and will be priced accordingly.  Please keep in mind, I am not a tattoo artist, I am not a house painter and I am not a graphic designer.  While I am happy to give you my design ideas, if you need further tweaking or editing of the concept I create, I suggest you bring it to a professional who specializes in their craft.

Please note, all tattoo designs, mural ideas, etc. will be required to purchase a physical print of the product, whether a painting or a sketch.  This is to avoid work theft and protect my creations. 

 Questions? Ready to Place an Order? Contact Me.