Full Color Drawings


Full color drawings capture the realism of a photo while still giving the creative feel of an art piece. I use primarily Prismacolor colored pencils, and just like with a black & white piece, I can use your photo as a reference or create a photo concept in a photo program.

The pricing scale below is the base price for all full color drawings done on standard drawing paper.  Paper can be upgraded to toned paper (tan or blue) or upgraded in thickness for an extra fee.  Rush fees and any additional upgrades are customized with each client. These base prices do not include the shipping cost – that will be covered on an individual basis based on deadlines and shipping preferences.

These sizes are the paper size I will be using to create your piece.  If your piece is an odd size, your quote will be based on the smallest paper size needed to complete and trim your project.  For example, a 12 x 12 piece will be quoted as a 14 x 17, because that is the smallest paper I can use in order to create a 12 x 12 final result.
Full Color Drawing Pricing Scale for 2024