How much do you charge for a custom piece?:
Prices vary, as no two projects are alike. Please visit the pricing page to learn more about the current rates for each style of piece. If you would like a detailed price quote, contact me. For all available pieces in the gallery, the price you see is the price you pay (shipping added at checkout).

Does your pricing include shipping?:
For all pieces bought through the checkout process on this website, the shipping is added at checkout. For all custom pieces, the quote you receive for your piece will include a shipping estimate in the final price. However, if later on your shipping method changes or you decide you would like to have it shipped faster/a different way, the shipping estimate can change. But for all standard orders, shipping is included in the initial price estimate.

How quickly can you create a piece?:
Again, this varies. An average black & white drawing can be done in days, and all paintings are a minimum of eight weeks. For a more accurate time frame on your piece, contact me.

Why do you require a deposit/contract?:
The deposit and signing of the contract ensure many things. First and foremost, they ensure that you are serious about your order and that you will not back out at the last minute. The deposit itself also ensures that I will have all of the necessary supplies before beginning your piece, and it guarantees that your order will be completed. The first customers to put down the deposit will have their work take priority. The contract as well as the deposit are for the security of both you as a buyer, and me as an artist. I don’t want anyone’s time to be wasted.

Is there any situation where the deposit is refundable?:
The 50% deposit is non-refundable. The only time your deposit will be eligible for refund is if I fail to meet the deadline provided (please note: this does not apply if the reason for delay is your late payment.). I do not charge for work that is not completed by the deadline specified if it is due to my own personal scheduling issues. That is the ONLY situation where deposits will be refunded, no exceptions.

Will I see my piece before I am billed?:
Absolutely! I can give you as many progress photos as you’d like. At the very least, you will be sent a proof of your piece once it is complete. When I receive your approval, you will be billed. Keep in mind, however, if you do not approve of the final print and I do not have enough time to make adjustments, I cannot restart your piece. You will not be billed, but I will not create a new piece without enough time. Also, in the event that you are not happy with the finished product, the deposit is still non-refundable, because it will be compensation for the time spent. However, you will not be billed for the remaining price.

What method of payment do you accept?:
My online store accepts most major credit cards, PayPal, and all of the other electronic methods shown at the bottom of this page. That is the easiest, most secure and preferred way to purchase a piece.  However, if you prefer to arrange an alternate payment method (for example, if you would prefer to pick up your piece in person in order to not pay for shipping), from first-time buyers I accept cash ONLY, but for repeat customers I am more than happy to accept cash, Venmo or swipe your credit card via Square. I do not accept payments via Zelle or check. To arrange an in-person pick up or alternate means of purchase, please email me personally.

What is a print and how do I order one?:
A “print” is a high-quality, studio reproduction of my original artwork. I understand that for many reasons (price, size, material, etc.) owning an original art piece is not a good option for you. For these situations and to make it possible for more than one person to enjoy an art piece, I offer reprints of most of my original pieces.  At this time, I offer two print options: Archival Matte paper prints and Studio Canvas (rolled) prints.  For each piece, a minimum of two sizes will be offered, however, if a specific size is what you're hoping to see, you can contact me directly.  Each print is made to order. 

For certain special edition releases, I will offer "Limited Edition" runs of hand signed or hand-embellished prints.  These are not made available often, and once they are gone, they are gone! Check out the prints & limited edition section if you are interested in prints.

Will you design a tattoo for me?:
The answer to this is yes AND no. Tattoo designing is very different from the kind of art I generally create.  If you have something in mind, I HIGHLY suggest you speak with your desired tattoo artist.  However, that said, if you would like me to create something for you that can be used as the inspiration for your next tattoo, I am happy to do so.  These pieces will be created in the same fashion any commission would be, meaning that you will be billed for and receive a physical art piece - drawing or painting - that depicts what you have described.  There is no specific pricing structure for this kind of work, so if you are truly interested in this, please contact me directly.