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If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece of artwork, I would love to create it for you. Please review the information below to get an idea of what to expect with your commission request.  Before I begin any custom work, you will be quoted a price and have a guarantee that your piece will be completed if you complete all of the requirements below.  

How to get started with a custom art piece:

  1. Submit an Inquiry: If you have a piece in mind, and you're ready for a quote, please fill out my Art Inquiry Form with as much detail as you are prepared to provide.
  2. Watch your inbox: Once I receive your form, I will review it and reach out to you - usually within 24-48 hours.  If I have questions, I will email you with those before providing you with a quote.  When I have your quote prepared, I will send that to you for final approval. 
  3. Sign the contract & provide your deposit: Once your quote is approved by you, I will send you my electronic contract and a link to provide your deposit.  As soon as that is completed...
  4. Sit back and let me work! I usually start pieces within 24-48 hours of receiving the deposit.  Watch your email for any questions and/or updates, and be ready for a new piece of art!

A Few Key Details to Keep In Mind:

  • All pieces require a 50% deposit before work can begin: Effective in 2017, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any work can begin.  This deposit is not only to secure the order, but also assure all supplies are on hand, as well as protect the time of both the artist and the client. 
  • I will need to know ANY deadlines: Whether it is one week or one year way, I need to know of any deadlines.  If I accept your request for a piece, it is guaranteed to be completed by the date you provide.  If there is no date provided, your piece will be worked on when I am available to give it attention.  Pieces with deadlines will take priority, therefore if a deadline-driven piece comes in after I have started your "no deadline" piece, your piece will be pushed down in priority.  So if there is any deadline at all, please be sure I am aware of it!
  • Painting Deadlines: Paintings of any kind require a MINIMUM of 8 weeks to complete.  Paintings requested with a timeline of less than 8 weeks will not be accepted.
  • RUSH fees can apply: Any drawings with a deadline of less than 4 weeks or paintings with a deadline of between 8 and 12 weeks will require a RUSH fee - this varies based on workload and season, and generally will run between 10-30% of the quoted base price. 
  • Payment Method: I will not start a piece until the deposit has been received, and I will not ship a piece until the full balance has been paid.  I accept online payments using invoices/requests through PayPal or Venmo.  For items that are picked up or delivered, I accept cash only if you are a first time client, and if you are a repeat client I will accept personal checks. 
  • Delivery Guarantee: You will see updates on your piece via email and photos before final payment is due.  Once I have your final approval, I will send an invoice for the remaining balance.  If you are having your piece shipped, I will not ship until FULL payment has been received.  If we have arranged for delivery, I will release the piece to your hands when full payment is received in person.  Please keep this in mind if your piece has a deadline – the timeline “guarantee or it’s free” does not apply if the reason for the delay is your late payment.
  • Delivery Methods: I will need to know how this piece will be delivered before beginning my work.  If it is necessary to be shipped, I need to be sure that it is finished and shipped in time for it to meet your time requirement.  The options for delivery are by UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service or delivery/pick-up.
  • Special Instructions:  If there are any additional instructions or desires (example: “please do not share on social media” or “please also copy another person on the progress updates”) please make me aware of those as soon as possible.  Some things can be worked out as we go through the process, but keep in mind that once a piece has been started, any changes or ideas may not be able to be added.  I generally begin working on a piece within 24-48 hours of receiving the signed contract, so please be as final as possible by the start date!

For a list of frequently asked questions regarding time frame, pricing and other items, please remember to visit the FAQ page .