I have recently started doing more painting.  My acrylic paintings tend to be primarily abstract, colorful and fun. My oil paintings tend to be a little more detailed, and usually are landscapes, flowers or semi-realism. Please note that at this time, all paintings require an 8 week minimum timeline and I do not take portrait painting orders.  Oil paintings must "rest" for an extended period of time before they can be shipped.  The longer of a window I have, the better it is for you, as a client.

The pricing scale below is the base price for all paintings, no matter the subject. The pricing scale is calculated based on the canvas surface area.  This pricing covers a basic, "level 1" canvas – for a premium canvas (thicker, heavier, stronger) there is an upgrade charge, which is listed at the bottom. The prices below do not include the shipping cost – that will be covered on an individual basis based on deadlines and shipping preferences.

Please note, all paintings will be made available for reprints unless noted in the initial contract.
Paintings Price List 2021