How to Place a Holiday Commission - 2021 Edition

As of October 1, 2021 my special holiday commissions are open!  Every year I open up a handful of spots to dedicate specifically to custom art pieces that are meant to be given as gifts.  That means they are guaranteed** to arrive before Christmas.  This year, I will be taking on a total of 15 guaranteed holiday commissions. 15 of you will have a guaranteed completion date that is in time to be shipped for Christmas.  I will still continue to take on commissions once these 15 are full, however please be aware that those 15 will take priority, and therefore no other commissions can be guaranteed by Christmas.  Is there a chance they will be completed and arrive in time?  Sure.  But it cannot be guaranteed.  

** = please note that any guarantees of completion date, shipment date and/or delivery date are only applicable to those who pay deposits on time and pay in full before the deadline.  If your piece is not paid in full by the specified deadline, it will not arrive before Christmas.  The guarantee is only good if both parties hold up their end of the agreement. 

So, what does it take to place an order for a holiday commission?  

Good news - it's not that different from my normal commission process!  But let's review, step by step.  

  1. The first step is to send me an email.  You are welcome to send me a message on social media to express interest, however I will eventually need to move over to email, so it's best to just start by emailing me at  All you need to say is that you are interested in a holiday commission (please make sure to mention it is a holiday commission!) and give me a brief description of what you're thinking. 
  2. I will review your email, ask you any questions I may have, and if it is something I feel I can complete in time and to the best of my abilities, I will send you my order form and instructions for filling it out.  (Please note: if I do not feel confident in my ability to complete your request OR complete it on time, I will not take on the piece.  It is not personal, I just do not want to do any less than my best work!) 
  3. You will fill out the top portion of the order form, giving me as many details as you can about what you are looking for.  This includes size, style, notes, amount of detail, etc.  You should also include if you need this piece before a certain date - like if your family is celebrating on December 20 instead of 25, that will make a difference in my timeline! 
  4. I will review your information, ask any questions I may have for you, and I will give you a quote on your piece.  It will follow my typical pricing structure, and based on your preferences it may include a shipping quote.  Most pieces I will ship for free, but not all.  This will be determined based on location, deadline and shipping availability.  You have a better chance at free shipping by placing your order early!
  5. You will follow the instructions in my email and return the completed, signed form to me.  
  6. Upon receipt of the signed order form, I will send an invoice for the deposit to the email address provided on your form (if there is a separate email address to use, please let me know!) 
  7. Once the deposit is received, I will begin your piece within 48 hours (allowing time to ensure all supplies are on hand).  
  8. I will send you updates as often as you request, and I will share progress photos on my social media unless it is requested otherwise!  When the piece is complete, I will send you a photo or a scan of the piece for your final review and approval.  
  9. When approved, I will send an invoice for the final remaining balance to the same email address we used for the deposit. 
  10. When the balance is paid in full, I will pack it up, and off it goes via the shipping method of your choice! 

So what is different about HOLIDAY Commissions? 


Honestly, not much!  There are a few key dates to keep in mind: 

  • October 22: If you are looking to order a painting of any kind, this is the deadline for deposits on paintings.  If your deposit is not paid by October 22, I cannot guarantee completion by Christmas. 
  • November 17: If you are looking to order a drawing of any kind, this is the deadline for deposits on drawings.  The earlier the better, especially if what you want is large or very detailed, but this is the absolute, drop dead deadline for all drawing deposits to be paid.  
  • December 16 at 5:00 pm (Central Time): All projects must be paid IN FULL by 5pm on December 16!  My final shipment will be sent out on December 17 no later than 3pm.  If you cannot pay your balance in full by December 16 at 5pm, your piece will not arrive before Christmas.  I will be out of town starting on December 18 and not returning until after Christmas.  

Also, there are a few special items of note that I NEED to mention.  

  • Shipping:  All items will be sent either by FedEx or UPS.  USPS is not an option for Holiday Commissions.  Additionally, local pickup will be offered to Chicagoland clients, delivery will not.  
  • Payment/Shipping Delays: If there is a delay in sending payment that causes me to have to upgrade any shipping methods (ex: delayed payment now means I have to pay for overnight shipping instead of 3 day shipping to meet your deadline) you will be billed for the shipping and it must also be paid before your item will ship.  I will honor your deadlines, but you need to honor mine.  
  • Gift Wrapping: Though I generally do not offer gift wrapping, framing, etc., if that is something you are interested in, we can work it out.  For example, if your item is being shipped directly to the recipient and not to you, it may make sense to have the item framed or boxed and wrapped.  You will be charged for any frames, gift wrap, cards, etc. but I will be happy to do that for you if desired. 

I believe this covers everything!  I am looking forward to working on some wonderful gifts this year, so I am really excited to open up my spots tomorrow morning!  If there are any questions you may have that I have not addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!  I am happy to answer them.  

Remember, the commissions open tomorrow, but once they are full, they are FULL!  So if you're thinking about placing an order, let's chat early! 

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