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How to Place a Holiday Commission - 2021 Edition

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2021 Holiday Commissions are NOW OPEN! Step by step, learn how to place an order to make sure your custom art piece is in your hands to give the gift of art to your loved ones this year.

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Welcome Back! It's Re-Brand Time!


Welcome to the summer re-brand!  I guess you could call this a re-brand, a re-launch, a re-development, whatever you want.  What I can tell you is that it's finally time to release some of my new pieces, and take my art into a new direction.  Now, I know when I say "new direction," that may scare some of you.  You're used to seeing realism - sports portraits, musician sketches, lyric pieces, things like that.  I know.  And you're still going to see that kind of thing if you follow me on social media!  But here's the difference - it's not...

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Summer 2021 Update

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With a new season of a new year comes a lot of updates, changes, and news.  2020 was an incredibly productive year for me with art.  Maybe not so much for most things in life, but with all of the down time I had, I really was able to focus on creating and networking my art.  And you know what?  That little sliver of the was great.  Along the way with all of this, I realized two things: I truly enjoy creating and want to dedicate more time to it. I am severely selling myself short.  A little elaboration...

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COVID-19: The effect on my art

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Covid-19 has affected everyone - including artists! I am still creating, but please read to see what has changed and how I will be handling my business during the time of Covid.

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The Elephant in the Room

A few announcements regarding my relocation, timeline and general updates - plus a bonus thank you to my "forever favorite" human, Patrick Sharp.

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