Summer 2021 Update

With a new season of a new year comes a lot of updates, changes, and news.  2020 was an incredibly productive year for me with art.  Maybe not so much for most things in life, but with all of the down time I had, I really was able to focus on creating and networking my art.  And you know what?  That little sliver of the was great. 

Along the way with all of this, I realized two things:

  1. I truly enjoy creating and want to dedicate more time to it.
  2. I am severely selling myself short. 

A little elaboration on point #2.  My time, just like yours, is valuable.  And I realized that while my prices were low enough to really cater to "anyone and everyone," it was starting to leave me spread rather thin.  I love doing commissions - it's my favorite thing to do.  But now that I am back to working full time and have an "almost toddler," I really  need to reevaluate my commitments and put more value on my tine.  So as of today, you will noticed my prices have increased.  This is not in order to turn people away, put my art out of reach, etc.  This was a move that needed to happen in order for me to be able to commit my time to the most serious clients and eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) the amount of clients who place their order and then back out at the last minute. 

Now, if my new prices seem scary to you, and you are now realizing that my work may now be out of your price range, hang in there!  As you know, I still offer plenty of sales, clearance events, discount codes and host giveaways.  So don't give up, ok? 

In addition to the increase in prices, I do have two other things that have changed.  For one, I have moved my VIP list to a new platform.  I was not a fan of the old one and neither were you all!  So in the coming days, if you are a VIP, you will see an email come through from a new source.  Don't be alarmed, it's legit!  And also, you've probably seen the new sign up pop-up on the homepage, and noticed there is a page dedicated to VIP sign up.  It's no longer a mystery how to become one, and I'm really excited about that.  To learn more about what it means to be a VIP, check out the VIP Page

And finally, I wanted to thank you all for loading up my commissions through summer, and let you know that as of yesterday, my commissions are now CLOSED through the end of July.  On August 1, if all goes according to plan, they will reopen.  If you have one in the works now, don't worry - I got you! 

I still invite you to discuss commissions with me at any time - we can chat, that's not changing. But please understand that I am currently full, and no new work will be started until August 1 at the earliest. 

I'm thrilled with all the new things that are happening this year so far.  I'm excited about the new directions my art is continuing to go, and I'm REALLY excited to share some of that new direction with you in the coming weeks as my shop clears out and the old is replaced by the new. 

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