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🎨 "Dynasty Duo" - Celebrate The Chicago Blackhawks Greats🎨

Truly one-of-a-kind, original 25 x 40 inch painting of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, honoring the duo that changed the face of a franchise.  A truly unique item for the ultimate Blackhawks fan.

What Makes It Special:

🔴 Unique Style: Patrick Kane? Check.  Jonathan Toews? Check. Stanely Cup? Check. This painting gives your eyes a treat with my pop-portrait style mixed with classic hockey action.

🏆 HAWKS WIN!: Blackhawks fans are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and passionate devotion to their team. Whether the Blackhawks are dominating the ice or facing setbacks, their fans fill the UC, reminiscing about this incredible duo. Beyond the game itself, Blackhawks fandom is a community, and bonds are forged through generations. From the iconic anthem sing-alongs to the sea of red jerseys adorning the stands, being a Blackhawks fan is more than just a pastime—it's a way of life deeply ingrained in the fabric of Chicago's sports culture

🎨 Large and In-Charge: Measuring a huge 25" x 40" without a frame, this canvas painting is the perfect centerpiece for your Blackhawks fan cave (or your living room). It's sure to start a conversation about "those crazy days" and bring back memories of a fantastic time. It is signed by me in the lower right corner, sealed for long life, and stamped for authenticity on the back of the canvas. The painting includes a certificate of authenticity signed by me, dated, and numbered with a tamper-evident hologram decal. 

🖼️ Ready to Frame Your Way: This painting is shipped as-is, mounted canvas with no frame.  It is UV sealed to last.  Hang it just like this, or take it in to be framed by a pro for some INSANE instant Blackhawks pride.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Whether you're a die-hard Hawks fan or know someone who is, this painting makes for a fantastic gift that celebrates two of the greatest in history.

Shipped as-is, framing not included. 

This item can be shipped or picked up locally.  If you choose to pick up locally, please contact me directly at - do not complete the sale through this store!

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